WE Actualize Strategic Solutions

WE Actualize designs strategic solutions that work for your company, generate measurable ROI, and create a culture of delight that flows from your employees to your customers.

Take your organization from here to there to anywhere
by using User Experience Design to design your
happy path to success.


What is the Happy Path?

  • Your organization delivers an optimal user experience.
  • Products and services are viewed as “user-friendly”.
  • Your people achieve flow and work feels more effortless.
  • Tasks get done efficiently.
  • Work culture shifts from frustration to balance.

When You're on the Happy Path:

Employees collaborating on a UX design project

That’s the transformation your business undergoes when you work with WE Actualize.

The happy path in UX means creating a pathway from a to b that delights users along the way. It’s the happy path because it’s the path that naturally takes us in the direction we want to go with the fewest barriers between us and our goals.

The WE is Fundamental

WE Actualize is all about growing together.

When it comes to designing new ways of doing things, everyone’s input is important, it’s valuable, and it matters.

Designing with WE Actualize, means setting the table and inviting you and your customers to pull up a chair.

A group of people on the happy path

WE Actualize is based in human-centered psychology, where being “actualized” means all basic needs are met, connection and relationships are thriving, and you have access to reach your highest level of success.

Services WE provide

Whether you want to launch a product, improve a service, shift company culture, or automate tasks to save time and money, WE actualize shows you how to leverage technology by using design thinking so you can optimize the success of your small business or non-profit.

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UX Consulting

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UX Design

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Workflow Automation

Diana Kirby

Who Are We?

It's always about the people.

Diana integrates creativity and process improvement skills to build, streamline, automate, and enhance the lives of clients, consumers, and workplaces.

Our 5-step process begins and ends with you and your customers.

The process is fun and creative while efficient and task-oriented - after all, we’re here to get you to your highest and best work.











The 5-Step Process Path

When curiosity, creativity, and collaboration come together, you’re putting the power of design thinking to work for your company, uncovering human-focused solutions that will bring about the highest iterations of your organization, product, or service.

WE Actualize provides innovative consulting, leveraging user experience principles to help small businesses, non-profits, and grant-funded projects reach a state of actualization. You will know it and your customers will feel it.