“I Have Always Tried To Bring The Voice Of The People I Am Creating For Right To The Forefront.”

About Diana Kirby and WE Actualize

When You Work With Diana, You’ll Likely Hear Her Say, “We Can Only Grow As Far As We Are Willing To Receive Honest Feedback”

It’s this fundamental belief that guides how Diana interacts with all the teams she works with. She believes that a level playing field helps everyone achieve more and she fosters open lines of communication so every project grows farther.

Meet Diana

Diana Kirby is the founder of WE Actualize, an innovative consulting business that leverages user experience principles and design thinking to help small businesses, non-profits, and grant funded projects reach a state of actualization.

Diana Kirby

Diana knows that it isn’t a solution if it doesn’t work for the people who have to use it.

Leaning into her training as a therapist, Diana puts her natural empathy and active listing skills to work guiding her clients toward creating, managing, and executing a wide array of projects - from small budgets to multi-million-dollar projects – all while keeping her human-focused perspective.

For Diana, UX is the best of all worlds. It gives her the chance to approach new people, get to know them, and co-create with and for them.

It’s always about the people. Even before she completed her formal UX training, Diana integrated her creativity and process improvement skills to build, streamline, automate, and enhance the lives of her colleagues and workplaces.

Diana is a breath of fresh air for your organization. Her approach is to put you in the driver’s seat…and she’s riding shotgun in the passenger seat with the wind her hair asking....

“Where Do You Want To Go Today?”

Services WE provide

Whether you want to launch a product, improve a service, shift company culture, or automate tasks to save time and money. WE Actualize shows you how to leverage technology by using design thinking so you can optimize the success of your small business or non-profit.

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UX Consulting

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UX Design

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Workflow Automation

She gets up close to the people she is designing for and keeps testing, and asking, and improving until an innovative solution for all is achieved.

Ask her about her morning coffee routine.

Understanding customers and their challenges interacting with your business like accessibility

When she isn’t innovating with clients, Diana is passionate about empowering others, reducing the stigma around mental health, and fostering creativity and authenticity in others and in herself.

She lives in Nashville, TN with her wonderful community and support system who has taught her that opening up to others can sometimes be the best gift we give ourselves. She’s a dog mom to the best boy around, her 3-year-old rescue pup, Cooper. She is working to win the argument that all dogs should be, from here forward, referred to as puppies (or babies if you want to be in the inner circle).

Any opportunity she sees to save a minute or an hour? She is going to grab it. She improves workflows in the real world as well as the virtual one.

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Specific Skills

  • Empathy
  • Public Speaking & Training
  • Design Thinking
  • Dashboard Development
  • Content Writing
  • Process Creation
  • Task Implementation
  • User Flows | Workflows
  • Data Tracking Methods
  • Active Listening
  • Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Management
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Education and Professional Training

  • UX Design Program, CareerFoundry
  • Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
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  • UXPA International
  • Interaction Design Foundation
Diana Kirby