Workflow Automation

How Can You Maximize Your Organization’s Most Limited Resource?

Diana setting up a task management system to automate workflow

You can make more money. You can hire more people. But you can’t make more time. Or can you? Every company has the same 24 hours you have. How you use that time is how you get your organization's next level of success.

Workflow automations designed to make work… work.


WE Actualize and custom workflow automations position you to leverage, scale, and succeed by essentially making more time so you get more from all your available resources.

“When we create systems, we optimize. When we optimize, we free up time, energy, and space to grow, create, or focus on something else.”

Process improvement through automation is how work gets done… better.

At WE Actualize, we’re innovators who strive for organizational efficiency by asking the big question: What if there was another way to make this easier, faster, and better for everyone?

The answer is how we reveal new paths to common destinations. It’s how we get you on your happy path.

Are you having a hard time managing tasks?

An employee struggling with task management and productivity

You don’t need to struggle with integrating technologies or waste endless hours researching platforms that you’ll then have to spend even more hours trying to figure out how to use. Or worse, risk ending up with a clunky, cobbled together mess that no one wants to use.

Databases and project management systems are often a huge financial investment if you need a customized solution, or woefully lacking in support if you use a free system.

An employee managing an image database for project management because of WE Actualize's workflow automation

Let’s discuss the right workflow automations for your company.

The right workflow makes it easier for employees to collaborate

Leverage the knowledge WE Actualize has surrounding databases and dashboards to create a solution that will be embraced by the team and be used to unlock the full potential of your organization.

We meet with your team, analyze your current processes, and then we provide suggestions based on your budget and on your comfort level with technology.

An employee turning around to wave from their desk

Are you ready to scale, streamline, or free up some time in your day to focus on the truly important things?

Don’t spend another minute on mundane tasks when WE Actualize can build a unique solution to handle emails, send reminders, track data, and automate virtually any aspects of project management.

You maximize time when you streamline tasks and get a real handle on data management.

A female employee moving the hands on the clock as she organizes her workflow.

Most organizations have frequent, repetitive tasks gobbling up hours of precious time. And most organizations can benefit from releasing their team from the burden of performing manual tasks or mentally managing multiple processes.
Small businesses and non-profits can feel the pinch even more due to limited staff or financial resources.

Then, there are those infrequent tasks. The quarterly report. A special annual event. These tasks don’t just demand time…they also take up precious mental space while you try to recall the steps and run through a to-do list that adds to your regular tasks and daily assignments.

An employee reviewing a quarterly report to check performance and productivity.
Company data on a desktop, tablet and phone so employees can work anywhere with workflow automation

Now imagine your company data living cohesively on digital platforms that encourage collaboration, vibrant data-driven dashboards monitoring and tracking your KPIs, and then delivering those metrics to the right staff and stakeholders at exactly the right time (or even having your automations deliver them for you!)

“Any sliver of opportunity to optimize time is worth taking.”

Whether your work centers around making money or raising money, automating tasks means getting the most from your human capital and making your financial resources stretch further. When you automate, your organization thrives through increased accuracy and efficiency.

When your work flows, your hands-on efforts actually get more accomplished. And suddenly, you’re free to focus on the things that matter.

When teams are able to spend more time on the real work and less time on the processes that support it, there is time for synergy and opportunity for real growth.

Time is the currency of success. WE Actualize gets you more of it with workflow automations that make dollars and sense.

Standardizing and automating processes means repeatable results. Inside and outside your company, everybody wins.

It frees up your people to do what they do best. To manage the things that algorithms can’t. Whether that’s handling the inevitable exception to the rule or delivering personalized customer service that requires the warmth of a human touch.